Floating on a Cloud  

Floating on a Cloud


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We meet in the crowd
After the meet we separate
The waken window sill
Waits for the moonlight to shine through
Do not be so upset
Believe we are destiny
The clock chimes very slowly
Tick Tock waits for you come

We see the cloud and water flowing
We see the falling leaves
that have been taken away
Tears wet the pillow
The romantic humid becomes dry
Wait until next season
Wait until the autumn leaves are red
Let the tip of the clock move slowly
Stop when the flowers are blossoming

l miss you
not because of my loneliness
But for missing you
When the tears are falling
All the memories become silent
Because of you
love becomes tolerant
Because of missing you
time goes quickly
The moonlight gently steals my dream
All the sleepless night miss you
are they enough

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